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7 June 2005: 1.0 "Ready for Battering" released

New features

Get the tarfile here, or the RPM here.

If you want to run a blogfish peer on a server you might want to check out the simple peer version.

24 September 2004: 1.0 RC1 "Reality Bites" released

This should be cracking. The networking code has been reworked after a lot of sweat, to be much more reliable and fault-tolerant. The config dialog UI has been reworked... well, here's the full changelog, now get downloading!

New features

Get it here.

2 August 2004: HOWTO create your own fish images

Just a few do's and don'ts:

Some of our current fish (kudos to Ryan and Michael):

NB: spot the crap fish made by the programmer

29 July 2004: Blogfish 0.2 "Hard Core Prawn" released

New features include

Get it here. Comments to the usual place. Thanks to all those who helped.

27 July 2004: screenshots!

In the panel, with 3 of Ryan's jellyfish and a rainbowfish
New backgrounds and fish The new config dialog
New backgrounds and fish
New backgrounds and fish
Fish dialog showing downloaded blog text

These are the new backgrounds, all CC licensed from various sources.

26 July 2004: new passive server mode

It kind of sucks being unable to connect to *your own damn ocean*, so I created a passive server mode. This means that if you're behind a firewall - like me - you will still be able to connect to remote servers (so long as they aren't behind a firewall). You'll have to initiate the connection, after that the remote peer sends messages down that first connection to you.

This is in CVS and probably extremely crabby (piscine variation of buggy). Enjoy.

On a lighter note, we have two new fish which are very cute.

21 July 2004: testers needed!

To make sure that our first alpha is working well, we need to test it over the network. For that, we need to connect as many people as possible.

Helping out is simple. Download the latest release, or get it out of CVS (as well as a few improvements and bugfixes there is a very nice yellow fish), get the applet running on your desktop and leave it there. Hopefully this will allow us to really test the networking.

20 July 2004: Blogfish 0.1 released

Get it here.

This is the first chance we have to test this on open seas, so please report your experiences to the mailing list.


Blogfish is the memepool.

Blogfish is social networking meets evolutionary software meets peer-to-pier networking. Blogfish is best eaten wrapped in newspaper, with salt and vinegar. Blogfish is the fin end of the wedge.

More prosaically, blogfish is a Gnome panel applet, written in Python using PyGTK and Gnome-python. It allows you to spread your blog URL, website URL or random thoughts to other users. Good memes survive; bad ones are voted down and go belly up.

Recently online IP addresses are visible here.


Get the 1.0 RPM here (recommended).

Or get the 1.0 tarball here.

Or get the latest version from sourceforge CVS:

cvs login cvs -z3 co blogfish

Or get the 0.2 release here.

Or the 0.1 release here... but don't do that.


Caught between a rock and a hard plaice?

There's a mailing list. Subscribe via email.

Background image with thanks to Anders Thorssell